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 iv. usergroups., pertains to the groups and/or jobs here.
 Posted: Dec 29 2014, 02:16 AM

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ROBOT-HUMAN. These are the ones whose body has been taken over by the robots who had "left." These Robot-Humans are virtually undetectable, other than the lack of humanly emotion at times. Yep, these robot-humans can manipulate human emotions. Not only that but they also have access to the memories and the rest of the person's brain they have taken over. The only way to kill a robot-human is by going directly to the source of which controls it; the robot inside. The best way to kill a robot-human is, you guessed it, by destroying their synthetic brain. However, it isn't as simple as that; the brain can't be punctured by anything metal or anything that even contains metal. It is virtually indestructible when hit with any kinds of metal. However, pure-stone or wood will work well, though they won't totally finish the job. To stop the robot from repairing itself, the entire body must be burned and the ashes destroyed.

GROUP-LEADER. the group-leader is the one who has been deemed fit enough to lead a group of humans-- they are often of superior intelligence and have tactical skills. They must be mentally-fit and physically fit, having the ability of compassion but also seriousness when needed. If the robot-human disease is suspected, members of the group have the right to make a unanimous vote and, if all agree, to execute the leader and elect a new one. It is important for this person to have a knowledge of weapons and combat as well as parenting, teaching, and more. They must be a trusted member of the group to be elected this title.

MERCENARY. The mercenaries, more commonly referred to as soldiers or veterans are the back-bone of a group; they are highly trained in combat and are the ones who will execute a suspicious group-leader. These members are trustworthy, physically fit, and mentally fit. They know how to operate a gun and most will have participated in some-war before the apocalypse started.

DOCTOR. The doctors are the ones who a knowledge in the medical field, able to help the other members who have been injured or are in need of assistance. They are highly trained in the medical field and will often have credentials in the field.

GATHERER. The gatherers are the ones who gather valuable resources for the group. They will often set out to find food, water and other beverages, and medical supplies in the abandoned houses. They run a high-risk of intruding on other groups' territory and, in turn, may be taken hostage by the group at their own risk. The gatherers are highly respected for their usefulness to the group.

CIVILIAN. The civilians are the ones who have no place, no job, in a group. They may be the ones who cook or clean or tend to the children. These humans are the broadest of all placings in the groups.

INSANE. The insane are just that; the ones who have some-form of debilitating disorder that prevents them from having any place in the group. They are often only taken in because of sympathy but can be thrown out or executed at any time if they pose a threat.
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