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 Posted: Dec 31 2014, 12:17 PM

byrd of prey.




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001. dead city's offical opening.

Dead City is officially open for the joining. Sure, I could leave it at that and just post the topic but I won't. I'll go into detail and say some more things that are of little importance and utilize my ability to write quality pieces of literature on things that have little meaning.

It's the thirty-first of December, 2014. Currently it is 9:05 AM and I have done some advertising for the site, putting it out there a bit before I posted this topic. You could conspire that I forgot to make this topic but that isn't all true; it was lingering in the back of my mind and I simply just didn't.

Now, I would like to inform all of our future members and all of the passersby that we are, indeed, open for the joining. It is fairly obvious, having that we have advertisements out there. But, still, an official, solid date of opening to the public is necessary. Though, to some, it may seem as if it is just well-and-good, something that most sites do. But, to us here at Dead City, we like to think of it as a date of which we were birthed and now we are growing with the help of all our members and our staff. A solid date not only provides a mile-stone, but it provides a deeper engagement of our society into the rest. By posting this topic, we're providing something to look back onto when we're older.

Now that my adoxography abilities have subsided, we'll continue with the actual update--

Playable, in-character boards are still being added but I, byrd of prey., give my solemn swear to get them up soon. That may not seem like a huge deal to you. But that's only because it isn't. I'm big on procrastinating, you see. I have the amazing ability to hold things off that I said I would do. But I'll get it done.

Alright, moving on! The beginner's guide is the one information topic that still needs to be finished. But no worries-- I'll have it done soon. I also need to finish the in-character posting-template, plotting template, and some more templates. But those aren't required just yet.

Alright, if you've stuck around long-enough to read this entire topic, obviously you're interested in the site. Any questions should be directed toward me, byrd of prey., and mentioned in the c-box if you're a guest. I'll get around to it as quickly as I can.
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