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Jan 21 2015, 09:17 AM
[doHTML]<center><div style="font-family: verdana; font-size:10px; text-align:justify; width:380px; text-transform:lowercase;text-align:justify;">i'm nyx. look at me, trying to appear out of the pool of common names, but really i'm slipping into it right under your noses, with not so much a disguise. sly, ain't i? anywhore, i'm seventeen, almost eighteen, i'm a senior in high school, and well. let's face it, i'm a little bit on the far side of batshit crazy. i'm obviously a writer, i dabble in coding, graphics and a few other forms of art. i work my skills with spray paint, mostly, because, i'm a rebel yo. and clearly, i'm not too cool. <br><br>

let's see how much i butcher this self introduction, yea?<br><br>

i'm a fan of sons of anarchy, the walking dead, doctor who, star trek, heartland, american horror story, and several other shows. i love watching youtube play throughs. i have an intense caffeine addiction, which manifests in me drinking copious amounts of soda, and monster energy drinks. it's a wonder i haven't had a heart attack yet. owo i'm a fan of marvel, and dc, i'm a comic book nerd, and proudly so. i love reading, and honesty, my collection of books is almost obscene. music wise, i listen to literally anything and everything. i'm a fan of coloring books, and animals. dogs, cats, and rodents are my favorites, and i have a strange liking to fish as well. i love violins, and pianos. body modifications are love, and the thought of being able to soon put art into my skin is something that i cannot wait for. bone collecting, and dabbling in various forms of taxidermy has become a thing for me; vulture culture all the way. <br><br>

currently i have a dog, peanut, who is a freakin' sausage of a chihuahua. i swear she's not really a dog though, and jokingly state that she's my little alien.i have a mouse named louise, and a robo hamster named dihnjin. at my brother's i've got a weenie dog named hugo. my brothers also managed to come to own my little rescue baby, leo, and the great dane that belonged to my mother named charlotte.

some random facts about me that one might need to know is that i have mood swings from literal hell, literally within the course of a single conversation. i have a mild tic disorder, which manifests in mostly motor tics, but there's the odd formation of some coprolalia style things which usually end up in me yelling something obscene, and then making a series of sounds. one particularly funny tic i have is where i hit my thighs before flipping the bird. or... well... i find it funny. it tends to entertain people. as a fair warning, i sometimes don't make sense when my mood takes a swing for the extreme up, and if i say anything... odd during that, just disregard it as my brain just moving way to fast for me to really process anything that's going on. uh.<br><br>

another little random thing you might find interesting, i tend to hallucinate which mostly just messes with me when i'm driving or home alone, and manifests in shadows moving, seeing bugs and faces, and on the weird off occasion a female voice, or the sounds of things moving around. stupid me has too much of an interest in the way certain things with the human mind work, and in scrolling through various 'simulations' on youtube, i've managed to trigger myself pretty hardcore. no one probably cares about that, but hey, for those of you who like a glimpse inside the mind of the person you're chatting too, and writing with, there you go! <br><br>

and that's about it.. i guess feel free to ask any questions you might have? owo <br><br>

toodles, <br><br>

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